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Hoop Helper

Hoop Helper

Part number: 9200170-96

The items included in the Husqvarna Viking Hoop Helper are designed to make embroidering as easy as possible and the results the best imaginable.

Hoop Grip

Holds your embroidery hoop secure for easy positioning and hooping of your fabric or garment.

Hoop Ease

Hooping thin, lightweight, slippery fabric like silk, organza and chiffon, where no backing can be used, is easy with the Husqvarna Viking Hoop Ease. The Hoop Ease keeps the fabric taut in the hoop and can be used many times.

Embroidery Needles

The Embroidery Needles have a special scarf, a slightly rounded point, and aslightly larger eye to avoid damage to the thread and materials.

Grip Aid

The dual function Grip Aid makes it easier to tighten and loosen screws on embroidery hoops, the presser bar, and needle clamp.

Set of Stabilizers

Stabilizer choice is a personal preference and the key to quality embroidery, appliquй and other creative techniques. Try them all to find your favorite stabilizers!

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